Biography of lethal star. 

(Lethal Star) Canada's first CD sound was created by Mikie Hyman in 1990, and is the first CD sound to play on CKLN 88.1 on the Mercedes Movements Show. This made Lethal Start the first CD sound to take CD’s to the dancehall and club. Starting back in 1991 with one single deck CD player, one Techno CD changer holding a B1UJ and one Radio Shack mixer with no pitch control, if was difficult to find reggae on CD and CD burners were not common place like today. In order for them to get their Vinyl records and Dubplates on CD they had to send them to a company called “PUNCH MEDIA” to get them transferred. At the time it cost just about $200 to burn a 60 minute CD!  It was hard to fit in with all the DJ’s using vinyl but with all the hard work, persistence, sacrifice and dedication of DJ’s Mikie and Ruddy and Junior Bolo, we pressed on creating a name for Lethal Star in the Dancehall scene.

In 1998, Lethal Star met a good friend working at Nitro CD Sound in their recording studio named Sean. A few months later Nitro Sound celebrated their first year anniversary. For a sound that was created after Lethal Star, Nitro CD sound was so advanced and they had much better DJ equipment than us. Lethal Star was able to get better DJ equipment thanks to Sean from Nitro CD sound; we updated our CD players, DJ mixers, and CD burners, so Bless up to the Nitro Family.  From then, Lethal Star stayed on top playing at BBQ’s, Birthday parties, Clubs, Dancehalls and of course the iconic Basement parties of yesterday.

To this day Lethal Star is still going strong working together to accomplish a common goal. That goal is to take Lethal Star worldwide performing locally and internationally all over the world.  We have an impressive Sound system and continue to advance our technology so our journey can continue into the next universe.

Services we offer now are as follows; 
• Corporate PA and DJ services
• Stage shows PA set up
• Band PA set up
• Prom DJ Services
• Club DJ Service
• Weddings DJ Services
• Dance hall DJ services
• Slappa DJ CD case sales

For more information please contact DJ Mikie HYMAN 

 Canada 1-647-258-1659 
 Jamaica 1-876-840-6647